I shot an arrow into the dark,
It flew across the Atlantic In radio waves.
An invitation for a bad idea
When you get home
And I won't say what
Or anything I've said before
I've left a cruel path behind me
And I want a new road

Half of what I'm saying is only halfway full of shit
Cause I really care much more than I'd like to admit

I'll do what I have to, it's what I want to
And goddamn I promise that I won't give up, won't give up

Cause it's time,
it's time for a new attempt
At what I've failed at so many times before
There's still some eyes I can't look into
I don't want that with yours.

Do you feel better, feel better?

So say you'll keep me company
Even when I push away
So say you'll call me out
So say that you'll stay

I was scared, I was wrong,
am I still a man if I admit cared?


from Everything is Bad, Everything is Wrong, released March 19, 2015



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Handsome Foxes Raleigh, North Carolina


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